Reminisce: Was she really crazy or pushed to the limit?


Television lovers know the night time routine. Put on your sleepwear, wash face, brush teeth, and find a television show or movie to fall asleep to. Well one Tuesday evening I faced a dilemma on what movie could put me to bed. After staring at the dvd collection (like I didn’t already know what was available) I settled on a classic Black film, “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.” We all remember this 1996 film starring Martin Lawrence and Lynn Whitfield, where main character Darnell Wright experiences a “real life fatal attraction.” I grabbed the dvd and thought I would shake my head at the psychotic woman (played by Lynn Whitfield) that my teenage self viewed and was amazed by many years ago. On this particular night, my 26 year old self saw something completely different.

My 26 year old self did not see an evil woman who had no regard for male human life. On this night I saw a woman emotionally and mentally damaged by relationships with men who abused her instead of showing her the real love she craved. I immediately extracted a couple scenarios from the movie that validated the seemingly deranged behavior that Brandi Webb (Lynn Whitfield’s character) exhibited.

Brandi consciously delayed sex


After Brandi finally gave in to Darnell’s attempt to court her, she allowed Darnell to take her on dates and even planned dates herself for them to enjoy. On the horseback riding date that Brandi planned, Darnell showed more interest in getting Brandi between the sheets. Brandi was trying to simply have a good time without jumping in bed because she KNEW that act would cause her to catch feelings. Brandi tried to play it safe and avoid sex but Darnell would not let up until he got between her legs.

Brandi warned Darnell

Darnell and Brandi

During an intimate night at Brandi’s elaborate home, Brandi told Darnell “I cannot be hurt. It won’t be good for me to get hurt.” Darnell let this statement go in one ear and out the other. Brandi then asks Darnell if he loves her. This would have been a perfect time for Darnell to stop, remember that he doesn’t love her and perhaps find a woman who wanted casual sex as much as he does. What does Darnell do? That’s right, he lies through his big, white teeth and says “I love you.”

Brandi's rage

Darnell ultimately played with fire. He took the risk of lying to the wrong woman and telling her he loved her when he barely even liked her. After Brandi’s emotions become invested in a possible relationship between her and Darnell, Darnell is busy trying to make his childhood sweetheart fall for him. I’ll admit, I wouldn’t go as far as trying to kill an inconsiderate “player” like Brandi planned to do. However, I found myself rooting for Brandi when she got revenge on a man who treated her like she was an object with no feelings. What do you think? Did you sympathize with Brandi or Darnell?

The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell


5 thoughts on “Reminisce: Was she really crazy or pushed to the limit?

  1. That was too real! There are so many women who will agree to a “just business” relationship. Yet, some men continue to want to play with ones looking for serious relationships. Once a woman lets her wall down and invest feelings, she loves deeply. To have that loved trampled by a man, it can feel a woman with rage. Trust me, I know. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you Sasha! I used to feel bad for Martin’s character, but now it’s like “you shouldn’t have played with fire brotha!” Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I was just thinking today about how dangerous it is to love someone. Dangerous in the sense that giving your love to the wrong person can have serious repercussions. Love is a deep unexplainable emotion. I think with the right or wrong person you will end up doing some crazy things (crazy good, and crazy bad ). I think the emotions erupt when you step outside yourself get a mirror glance of what your emotions are causing you to do and whether it’s worth it for the person your with. When you realize you devoted your time, energy and crazy actions to someone underserving. You end up with rage. It’s like mixing crayons. Yellow and blue= purple. Love and unappreciation = rage !

  3. Ms. Pruitt you hit the nail on the head! You have reminded me to never give time and energy to someone who doesn’t truly appreciate it, because rage will most definitely rear its ugly head.

    P.S. You said “love is a deep unexplainable emotion.” PREACH!! Scary and beautiful at the same time!

  4. I was just watching this film again, and was disappointed at how little punishment Darnell actually got. For someone that played and lied to many women and led them on, his comeuppance was very marginal. As a man, you don’t play with a woman’s heart…be upfront about what you want out of a relationship. Women are more emotionally driven then men, so it’s easier for a woman to gain feelings…Darnell knew this and simply didn’t care. As a matter of fact, of the men in the movie, only Reggie (Mia’s other beau) and X (the club owner) actually have their priorities right. Even when Darnell tries to “move on” and tell all his other women the truth…he doesn’t understand he owes for all the Hell and pain he caused all of these women. ZERO sympathy for him, and a big “WTF ARE YOU THINKING” to Mia.

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