Yet Another Male Action that Some Women Have Chosen to Adopt

Edited warning sign

Ladies, and some gentleman, (how you doin?) it has come to my attention that the male anatomy is no longer just given to us for the soft, beautiful, and amazingly shaped creatures that we are. We now must actively seek and dare I say ASK for a man to hypnotize us with his magic stick.

I was in awe as I spoke with a handsome, 20 something ambitious young man (let’s call him Deon) about a certain female’s pursuit to get in HIS boxers or briefs. This anonymous temptress invited Deon out for drinks (like males typically do us), got him drunk, then described the hot steamy scene in her mind of him undressing. Nothing happened this particular night so she began to send him sex invitations via text message in which Deon responded “I’m swamped with work.”

seductress 3

Tragic. Ladies when did we become Atomic Dogs and start chasing the cat, excuse me I mean chasing the D? It’s bad enough that we can barely get men to ask us out on REAL dates that don’t involve sitting in our apartment and watching reruns of Martin. Now we have to ask for sex TOO?!

women chasing man

Now I must say I have no problem with women taking the lead in initiating dating. I mean after all, in 2003 women all over the world were taught by Alicia Keys exactly what to say to the fine man we’ve been eyeing. Remember the excitement that arose in your chest as you heard “I know girls don’t usually do this, but I was wondering if we could get together outside the restaurant…” You know the rest.

you dont know my name

But I just feel like my Queens are too precious to even HAVE to ask for sex. If a man can’t look at us from Jump Street and see our value (both mentally and physically), then he should kick rocks in preparation of the wise man to come along.

I respect the boldness of a woman who proposes sex plans to a man. This post simply serves as reminder that hunting for good wood (minus the trees) continues to perpetuate the myth that the female anatomy has drastically dropped in value. Take it. It’s free.

The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell


6 thoughts on “Yet Another Male Action that Some Women Have Chosen to Adopt

  1. I wouldn’t go as far in saying that women’s value as a whole has dropped. We all,men and women, have carnal desires. Women are “expected” to be reserved and the gem of a pursuer’s eyes. A woman seeking sex is taboo in our society. But isn’t that a double standard? I see nothing wrong with a woman going for what or who she wants. It makes her no less of a woman and surely doesn’t speak dor all women in general.

    • I appreciate your perspective and I respect your thoughts on this topic! I wonder what your thoughts would be if you had a daughter who sought out sex or even your sister. Don’t you think them to be too precious and beautiful to even have to seek for “IT?”

      In your defense I will say there are more subtle way to do things. For example a woman can use flirtation techniques such as flashing her winning smile, touching the male’s shoulder as he talks or even hugging him closely (if he allows). If the gent can’t get the hint, then this young lady may want to friend zone him.

      • Right on! I definitely agree with you saying a woman can show interest subtly. She can definitely do so without seeming too forward or even worse, promiscuous. In reference to the previous comment, It is still taboo for a woman to Blatantly pursue men in our society. This is primarily due to the fact that even though it’s 2013, men still innately feel like hunters. Especially when it comes to the pursuit of sex. Role reversal can seem a bit unorthodox in the dating realm, but could be very necessary in a relationship or marriage. Also, one theory on men “Not being the aggressive pursuers” today could be the fact of how colloquialisms affect the culture, decisions and actions between the sexes. For example, women on social networking sites are quick to say .. “Look how THIRSTY this guy here is” (With a screenshot post of his flirtatious vernacular). This has happened plenty of times and often times the term “Thirsty” is just a negative word for the normal pursuit of Men to women. Now, with the majority of men being compelled to not seem “Thirsty” and become rejected by women in public, or in person, the most logical thing for a man to do in this regard is to decrease the tenacity of his pursuit. Men have discovered that doing this will not only prevent the “Thirsty” label, it will increase a woman’s desire of him if she already has somewhat of an interest in him anyway. In this game of Action-Implementation and Action-Withholding , the dynamics of interpersonal relationships can be very confusing at times, but nonetheless worth a detailed study! (I don’t know if I Got wayyyy off subject on this post or not but they were my thoughts! lol ) great insight by every body

  2. Wann D your perspective has been very enlightening! You definitely just took us to school! I know relationship talk is your specialty and people often come to you for advice on relationships, being that you are in a highly successful one. I think I see a book in your future 🙂 Thank you for commenting!

  3. I think this story misses a big conflict in the African American culture as a whole (With a bit of the growing up culture too)… The true question is this: Where is there to go for a women to meet a nice guy? Where is there a place where a women can go/be on the regular and be able to look at guys and not have subconscious stereotypical judgement? Sure a women can go out to the club, but its the club/bar- she surely is skeptic that these type guys are only looking for a one-nighter and none of them of are true value… Ok then maybe she can go to a mall or something and scout out nice looking men and flirt or something and wait for him to bite… But now the men are too scared/intimidated to randomly approach a nice looking women in public becuz of fear from rejection so this plan gets blown away… Or maybe she can go to a restaurant with her girls where guys hang out too, but now for a guy he has to approach ALL of you instead of just one so he turns down that opportunity… There are some cultures that have a system of whatever type of person your looking for, there are establishments and social atmospheres to find them in. In other cultures particularly the African American ones the good men are always drowned out by the “bad men” or the “Stereotyped” mines of women towards what they see….

    Back in tha day things may have been different… Brothers and Sisters were more open and there was less follishlness and ignorance corrupting the community… But nowadays its different and u get these stories like the one above and you get single women who are stunning and look beautiful living single at 30 and maybe even older… But what do I know for sure these are #JustMyThoughts

    SideBar: Depending on the situation Deon may deserve a Stamp on turning down the girl because he knew the longterm outcome would not be best for their friendship or for the girl… So to make things easy he saved her a heartache and kept a friend lol…

  4. Well hello Deon’s homie! You brought up very valid points. I’m pretty sure it takes a lot of courage for men to approach a woman not knowing if she will give up the digits or possibly decline the offer to “get to know each other.” Thus it probably is refreshing when a woman actually approaches the male. I forget what you gentleman have to go through in the world of dating. Keep ya head up 🙂

    I think its great when a woman approaches a man (the Alicia Keys reference was meant to show my support in that). I just was taken aback when I learned a woman felt the need to ask for SEX.

    I agree, Deon does deserve a stamp. I respect a man who tries not to break a woman’s heart. Thank you for your feedback!! I enjoyed reading!

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