What Paul Walker’s Death Has Reminded Us

(KJV Bible) James 4: 14 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

paul walker

This verse from the book of James speaks volumes as we all mourn the death of the very talented Paul Walker. I personally was getting dressed to go out and celebrate a year being added to my life when I heard the tragic news of Paul’s demise. This unfortunate story made me even more thankful that God has allowed me to see the age of 27.

breaking news

Today Fox News has released the name of the driver who was controlling the Porsche when the car ultimately hit a tree and burst into flames. The driver was Roger Rodas who actually happens to be a former race car driver. Apparently both Rodas and Walker are very experienced drivers who most people would have felt secure riding with knowing their history with cars.

roger rodas

Ladies and gentleman, we have once again come face to face with the rude awakening that no man is truly in control and tomorrow is NOT promised. It is God who decides the steps he wants us to take as well as the number of days we are allowed on this earth. Hug your loved ones tight and thank God every day that he has allowed you another chance to shine your light on the world.

The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell


5 thoughts on “What Paul Walker’s Death Has Reminded Us

  1. AmaaazzZZZing Post and perspective! Tomorrow is NOT promised. We see every day that loved ones come as go at the drop of a dime. We really should start cherishing every moment we have. The little things in life is what’s often overlooked. Glad you pointed that out

  2. My Thoughts & Prayers are with Paul’s Daughter & Family,
    He was young & well God had bigger plans for him & truly needed him more, For we are not promised tomorrow only God knows the book of Life. We should live each day as it’s our last & cherish each moment we have with our family, because before you know it they’ll all be gone Live, Love, & Keep Family Close.

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