As If We Needed More Reasons to Adore Idris Elba

idris sexy smurk

Back in May, writer Heben Nigatu, compiled a list of 26 reasons why every woman on God’s green earth (and I quote) “should give your life over to the glory that is Idris Elba.”

*Enjoy 26 photos of Idris Here!*

Genius right?!

Well fast forward six months later and our beloved Oprah Winfrey has sat down with Sir Elba, ultimately digging up even MORE reasons why Idris deserves the number 1 spot in our nightly dreams!

idris LEGS

Let’s turn Nigatu’s list into a solid 30 shall we?!

Number 27:

11 23 2013 ONC-Black Actors

Idris entered the room to begin his chat with Oprah holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers to present her with! Ladies at the count of 3 let’s all belt out “awwwwwwwwwwww!’ in unison.

Number 28:

Idris The Wire

Idris let viewers know that he experienced a small stint of homelessness during his struggling actor days. He expressed that he refused to give up on his dream to grace both the small and big screen. Four months into living in his Astro van, he snabbed his breakout role on “The Wire.” Such an inspiration!

Number 29:

idris the dj

Mr. Elba was hesitant to accept the title of “Movie Celebrity!” Fine AND modest too?! There is a God.

Sidenote: This picture of Idris on the 1’s and 2’s has nothing to do with his modesty. He just looks great spinning records!

Number 30:

Idris and his father

Idris left Los Angeles and moved back to England to be closer to his father (the late Mr. Winston Elba) who had fallen ill. Just marry us now Idris. Please and Thank you.

The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell


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