Women of All Backgrounds Unite in Downtown Detroit: An Evening of Therapy for the Professional Woman

This past Friday the 13th was far from unlucky for Detroit women’s organization “Young, Ambitious & Beautiful.” The founders of this refreshing group, along with their venture partner Jane Thang Productions, so thoughtfully and carefully planned a panel discussion event that ultimately attracted professional Black women from all over the Detroit area! Read below so you can brag that you mentally attended an uplifting event in the heart of the city of Detroit!

Founders of YAB with panelist

Founders of Y.A.B w/ Panelist Natasha Ane’e

 7 p.m.     While many of the city dwellers were dressing up to celebrate the week’s end at an exclusive club, about 35 women had gathered at the Black Suites to gain something greater than the typical Friday night party.

the black suites

These women of all ages, religions, and occupations, were prepared to warm up the night, with a heart-warming discussion on everything from being Black and Female in the workplace to empowering the Black community.

Panelists with founder of mybrownbox

Panelists w/ Founder of mybrownbox.com in the fierce green coat!

8 p.m. By this time the audience grew to almost 50 women with a sprinkle of males, and the panelists were in the hot seats ready to ignite discussion.  The panel included:

flyer for YAB event

 8:45 p.m. With genuine spirits and love in their hearts, the panelists (as well as Y.A.B. founders) shared wisdom that they have gained since graduating college, completing internships, traveling abroad, and becoming entrepreneurs. Here are a few quotes to enlighten and inspire:

On being a Black Female in the Workplace:

Life Specialist and Financial Advisor Shannon Davis keeps it real:

Y.A.B. Co-Founder Lauren Bealore who currently works in Congress said:

Lauren Bealore

Never dull your diamonds to let rocks shine.”

On How to be Superwoman without Burning Out:

Image Specialist Denitra Townsend reminded women:


Your sanity and your health are VERY important. Sit still sometimes. Take a day off. Acknowledge your weaknesses and lean on your support system.”

On How to Focus on Being Successful while Still Serving Your Community:

Founder of Love Publicity, Clark Atlanta Graduate Teia Harris shared:

Teia Harris

I dedicate one hour every week to visit (A Detroit Area High School) and mentor teenage girls. I can see the impact in my concern for them because a lot of the girls don’t hear, “how was your day?” when they get home from school.”

9:45 p.m. The discussion began to wind down as a gorgeous painting by Chicago artist Kathleen James was raffled off and the panelists shared their last words of love.

Vendors were present selling everything from jewelry to tacos, and business cards were exchanged as 50 plus women made their way out the door back into the frosty Detroit streets. Only now these women carried a torch of wisdom to keep their spirits warm as they navigated their way through the city.


The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell


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