3 Things The Pinterest Wedding Video Taught Me

Pinterest Wedding 1

Hate it or love it, Valentine’s Day is only days away. Our favorite magazines currently feature the hottest celebrity couples explaining how they keep love alive, our friends are expressing either excitement or indifference towards February 14th, and Groupon will not stop sending flower deals to our smart phones.  Though I tend to dismiss man made holidays, I would be blind not to notice the “lovey doveyness” in the air.

With that in mind I figured it would be appropriate to revisit the undeniably sweetest youtube video that lovers of love have ever seen: The Surprise Wedding. Not only did this video prove that fairytales can come true, it also taught me 3 important points about men and relationships. *My opinions are based off the thoughts and feelings that the groom Ryan Leak expressed in the video as well as experiences that both I and my friends have had in the dating world.*

Ryan proposing

1. I have been told that a man must get “EVERYTHING” out of his system before he is ready to get married. “EVERYTHING” can be a number of things. As Ryan Leak expressed in the video he made up in his mind that he wanted to travel the world, amongst other grand things before becoming settled with a wife. However, when he met THE ONE, “EVERYTHING” went out the window. Thus, if a man believes he has INDEED found the woman he wants to marry, he will gladly rearrange life plans.

Ryan and Amanda Leak

2. Women are often secretly waiting on a man to say those three special words. A REAL man won’t say  “I Love You” until he can be genuinely honest in his sentiments.  Ryan Leak had never told his girlfriend that he loved her until the day they got married. He realized that after planning their perfect wedding for many months it was clear that this was done out of pure love. Be patient when it comes to hearing that short but life changing sentence escape your partner’s lips.

Ryan's prayer circle

3. Christ is truly the center of most successful marriages.  Ryan Leak made it very clear that the strength of him and Amanda’s relationship is not solely based on the facts that they are attracted to each other, enjoy each other’s company, or have fun on dates. Leak revealed “What makes us tick, what makes us go…is Jesus Christ. He goes on to let it be known “the thing that was most important to us on our wedding day was the presence of God.” Not only did I wholeheartedly agree with Leak but I have noticed that the majority of the marriages I watched while growing up, that have actually lasted are couples who strive to serve the Lord as a team.

Perhaps you took something else away from this one of a kind story. I would love to know your thoughts! Happy Love Day today, tomorrow, and forever! 😀

The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell


3 thoughts on “3 Things The Pinterest Wedding Video Taught Me

  1. I love this!!! I believe those 3 things to be so true ESPECIALLY the one about “getting everything out of his system.” Although it may not apply 100%, I truly believe it goes for the majority of men.

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