Baseball Player CJ Beatty Hits A Homerun in the Studio with Mixtape: I Am A Success

Pick up your phone, log into your twitter-icon Twitter account or head over toinstagram Instagram and see what your cyber friends are buzzing about. I’m willing to bet 1 Benjamin that you read at least 4 inspirational quotes as you scrolled down your timeline.

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Motivation in the form of quotes tends to be quite popular these days and it makes perfect sense why. I have four simple words to serve as a rationale. Life Is A Challenge. Seeing inspirational quotes throughout your day is similar to having a personal preacher in your ear to uplift you, when it seems the world has done everything to make you want to give up.

Well my friends, your daily dose of inspiration has now been super sized thanks to baseball player and motivational speaker CJ Beatty.

cj smilingCJ batting


CJ travels the country metaphorically breathing life back into individuals who are ready to give up or just might need that extra boost before tackling a challenge. He has now finished a project titled “I Am A Success” in which portions of his motivational speeches have been put over adrenaline pumping beats (shouts out to Atlanta producer WannD), creatively adding to the genre of motivational Hip Hop.

cj in studio


CJ revealed to me that the adrenaline rush he experiences when walking on stage to motivate people, is surprisingly more intense than when he is on the baseball field working hard to get a W for his team. He expressed “I love baseball…but I realized that helping other people is what WE are here to do.”
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My Favorite Lines from I Am A Success:

Track 4- Meditation– “I need for you to bring back the emotions that you buried a long time ago./You might ask “why would I want to do that?” /”Why would I want to bring back the memories that hurt me?”/ And I’ll tell you why/ People will not change until they remember the pain.”

Track 9- Determined– “I want to be an ambassador for hard work and dedication, a mirror for greatness and the blueprint for success.”

funny CJ

The World is Ours Blogger,

Leah C. Powell








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