5 Easy and FREE Ways that A Man Can Win a Woman Over

Gentlemen, it is true, about 85 percent of what women discuss in a non-professional setting is about YOU! As a woman who often provides herself as a listening ear to her girlfriends, I felt it important to share what women wish you were doing!! Take out your note pad and prepare to become a 2014 version of Mel Gibson’s character in “What Women Want!”


You may not be interested in applying all of these behaviors to your dating life, but adopting one of these will have the lady you like bragging about YOU. You’re welcome.

1. A woman just meets you and you all text, talk, Skype, etc. for a couple days. NO she does not want to come to your house and chill on the third day!! Period. Good News: Dates can be FREE! Think making sandcastles at the beach in your city or channeling your inner child and doing it playing in the park. Be CREATIVE! jilly from philly

Jill Scott is even content with a long walk! Easy.

2. Give plenty of eye contact to the lady you’re out with and of course add in compliments!! Ciara and Future

Ciara: Oh so you’ve been watching me?

Future: You not hard to miss.

Annnnnnnd months later Ciara is pregnant. See fellas, eye contact and compliments go a long way!

3. Steer away from looking at other women for more than 3…ok 4 seconds while out with your lady friend. Trey Songz

Trey your 4 seconds are UP!

4. This may sound corny but if the lady you’re dating brings up the beauty of another woman, flip the compliment so that it leads back to your date. For example:

Your lady friend: That woman in the purple dress has great legs!

You: Yea they are nice but your legs look unbelievably smooth. You sure take good care of them. Diggy Simmons

Even 19 year old Diggy Simmons knows this is true. “Your whole crew is tight but they don’t do it like YOU!”

5. Text or call the lady the day after you two have went out on a date or even just informally hung out. No you don’t need to conjure up your best Shakespearean love sonnets. A simple “Hope you’re enjoying your day” or “I had fun with you last night” will do the trick.


Light Skinned Keith Sweat

Of course the Light Skinned Keith Sweat knows to shower his lady with attention. I guarantee a positive response to these actions or your money back!

The World is Ours Blogger, Leah C. Powell


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