Verizon Saves the Day! Waterproof Accessories to Keep Your Electronics Dry in Any Environment!

There are three things NO ONE can live without. Water, Shelter, and ELECTRONICS! Ok maybe you can live without electronics but everyone knows going a day with out your cell phone is torture. Also having no music at bbqs, pool parties, or even at home is like a wedding with no bride and groom! That is where verizon steps in. Verizon has created devices to provide you with PROTECTION for your precious electronic babies, as well as WATERPROOF accessories like sound enhancing speakers to turn any normal occasion into an extraordinary event…safely.

Their LifeProof phone cases are legendary as they protect your iPhone or Android from accidental spills or that accidental drop in the toilet for some of my butterfinger.jpg friends or friends with olive-toned-baby.

I absolutely LOVE the LifeProof FRĒ Case for Iphone 6/6s. I feel protected in the rainy NYC weather.

lifeproof leah

The case comes in an array of shades, but of course I have the ultra feminine pink case which I have been getting tons of compliments on!

lifeproof case

This baby can be submerged in water up to SIX feet and when recovered you’ll still be able to text! Can you say MUST HAVE!

It doesn’t stop there! The water proof UE Boom 2 speaker is life changing!

UE boom 2

With it’s 360 surround sound, it has allowed me to really feel the music in a room full of loud fans battling the NYC heat.

Feel safe bringing this light weight device to the pool or beach, as not only is it waterproof, but it can handle drops from up to 5 feet like a pro!


I feel safe with it during a bath!

ue boom and girls

Or use it to party with the crew before a night out. Hook your phone up to the device via Bluetooth-logo-and-wordmark and create an instant nightclub in your abode!

Finally if you’re searching for a speaker with high definition sound that is also portable and budget friendly, then you should check out the JBL Clip 2.


jbl clip 2

This device is small but packs a big punch! This device is also water proof and easy to carry around.

Leah jbl clip 2.jpg

I clip it on my jeans while headed to the beach!

verizon has everything you need to keep your devices safe or if you need electronics that were made to resist water damage! Head on over to the verizon site and start your worry free electronic life!


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