Single? On A Budget? No Sweat! Birthday Ideas Just for You!

Milestone Birthdays can bring on a shower of emotions. One may ponder, “How will I look and feel in my new age?,’ “How will life change for me?,” and most importantly “How will I celebrate?!” I know personally as I just turned the big 3-0 and was amazed at how nerve wrecking preparing a celebration can be! I knew I wanted to be budget friendly and as a single woman who lives miles away from family, all of the planning was up to yours truly. Here are the things I considered and that you should ask yourself as well when planning the perfect birthday:



How much am I willing to spend on this occasion?

In which city can I gather the most of my loved ones?

What brings me the most joy?

It was after asking these questions that my eyes were set on my birth city!

Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago Captured By: Amoz Wright

I went to the all mighty hotwire-500x500and booked two nights at a hotel downtown. * will not inform you of your hotel until after you have booked, so be sure to check the star rating of the hotel you may possibly be assigned.*

I was given the Hyatt Regency on East Wacker Dr.


I enjoyed a slumber party with my forever friends!


I partied at Society 2201,one of the hottest clubs in the city of Chicago, and I was able to spend time with family. Needless to say the weekend was spectacular and I didn’t break the bank!


Ladies and the Drinks at Society 2201

You could party and live the hotel life as I did, or you can consider these options:

Get A Soothing Massage and a Peaceful Pedicure at your very own SPARTY!



Imagine the surprise of your friends when you tell them that they are invited to be pampered for your birthday! They must pay for their services of course, but your party will be remembered as one of a kind, as you and your buds share stories over foot rubs and mimosas. Check out companies like Sparty (NYC)  Spatique (Chicago) or SpaPartiesAnywhere to crank your spa party planning into high gear!

Let the Good Times Roll dice at your Very Own Game Night!

Break out the taboo, the connect-4, or even the be_black-card-revoked-game

You can even make personalized games like “How Well Do You Know _enter your name___” or print out a life size poster of yourself and have your friends play “Pin the Shirt on __enter your name____” Make it super competitive and have a prize for the person who just seems to be winning all night! To ensure that you won’t be working too hard this night, make this event a potluck. Someone can even bring the plates and the flatware. Tell your neighbors beware, because the fun will be heard all night long!

And if you have in fact saved up a good amount of money for your special day but your friends don’t necessarily have it in their budget:

Take  A Solo Vacation

You’re older now and coming into your own, so a solo trip may be just what you need to get to know yourself at your new age! Brittani from Chicago, IL took a solo trip to Mexico for her 30th birthday and had a blast!

Brittani visiting Ruinas Mayas

Brittani visiting Ruinas Mayas

Here is what she said about her trip:

The solo trip was hands down the BEST experience of my life. I was nervous because I wanted to do something big, yet it’s hard to get people on board so I just went for it! I met some amazing people on the trip and I’ve never felt more alive, liberated and FREE to do what I wanted to do with MY time. I was relaxed and I meditated daily as the sun rose over the ocean. I was able to let my hair down and breathe. (The trip) showed me a lot about my own strength and ability to live consciously without fear of the unknown.”

Whatever you choose to do, whether it is as simple as dinner with the family or as extravagant as a trip to the Cayman Islands, make sure it will truly make you happy and evoke a smile from you every time you look at the pics!




-Leah C. Powell



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