5 Things You May Not Have Noticed about HBO’s Hit Show “INSECURE”


Molly and Issa: Partners in Crime

While BOTH men and women have been talking nonstop about HBO’s hit show “Insecure” on social media, in the break room at work, or even at parties over drinks and blaring music, I was living day to day life clueless on the conversation as well as on the EXCELLENCE I was missing. Most recently (about a week ago…week ago) I viewed episode 1️⃣ with the nudge of a relative and within 🔟 minutes I was hooked! I can now chat with friends about being #TeamLawrence or #TeamDaniel, but it seems as a binge watcher who finished both seasons in 2️⃣ weeks, I noticed some things that normal people who watched “Insecure” weekly did not notice. Check out my findings below 🔎:

1. The Hilarious Homegirl “Kelli’s” Dramatic Weight Loss


Kelli Interrogates Issa on Love Problems

From the time Kelli appears on the screen, she is a ball of energy with jokes for days! I would look forward to seeing her in scenes. As I continued to watch back to back episodes, I saw Kelli (real name Natasha Rothwell) get slimer and slimer! I consulted with two faithful “Insecure” watchers, and neither could remember her transformation. By Season 2 Kelli was slim and trim and exuding confidence! You Go Girl!


A Brand New Kelli!

2. Molly’s Super Cute Bedroom


Ok, I know, I know, this is strictly opinion. But the feminine shade of pink mixed with the soft white and calming gray, made my inner decorating spirit excited. Upholstered headboards are always a good idea and really Molly’s whole living situation is apartment goals! Insecure can be used for apartment ideas…take note.

3. The Lack of Condom Use


For those of you who have never had the pleasure of watching “Insecure,” you are in for a plethora of steamy love scenes. But what you won’t see is anyone pulling out a condom before making the bed rock. Apparently viewers did take notice and complained, which led to Issa Rae (creator and protagonist in “Insecure”) making a statement. Cosmopolitan magazine quoted Issa’s response in which she said, “We tend to place condoms in the backgrounds of scenes or imply them. But we hear you guys and will do better next season.”

4. The Miguel and Travis Scott Collab


The music played on “Insecure” is straight fire!! On Episode 6 of Season 2, you will hear the latest from R&B sensation Miguel (who we haven’t heard from in a while) featuring Travis Scott. The song is “Sky Walker” and it. goes. HARD. Check out the soundtrack for “Insecure” for your listening pleasure.

5. Why The Title “Insecure??”


Issa Rae actually addressed this question on Instagram, and it is sure to make every black woman say “Amen.” See it here.

We’re all Insecure, Issa is just the first to admit it.

If you haven’t seen this yet catch up now because Season 3 is currently being filmed!! Enjoy the show!

-Leah C. Powell


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